Key findings of the 2017 State of Transformation Report:

1. Sampling

• Small Sample-Reflective of industry Outlook. Few large companies- high market value – dominate the sector

2. Industry Performance

• Reasonable effort-slow pace. Varying industry have varying level of implementation commitment

• Commercial reasonable effort, Residential lesser progress & Public sector not active role in transformation agenda.

3. Property Sector B-BBEE Recognition Level

• Level 4 on previous recognition level. Cautioned interpretation because new recognition level could be 6

4.Performance in Employment Equity, Management Control and Skills Development

• Under-performance in Employment Equity, Management Control and Skills Development as a package.

• Employment Equity: Very low target for middle & senior management

• Management Control: Higher Independent none-executive directors but low voting rights

• Skills Development: Difficult to achieve if no Employment Equity and Management Control are not progressing

5. Skills Development

• Lack of investment in Skills Development perpetuates lack of transformation. Sector & academic collaborate in developing curriculum for current & future trends.

6. Performance of Enterprise Development and Socio-Economic Development

• Good achievement Enterprise Development and  Socio-Economic Development– future create & grow sustainable enterprises

7. Performance of Economic Development

• Poor performance of Enterprise Development– in future need to targeted at  the poorest areas  of the country


Gazetted the AMENDED PROPERTY SECTOR CODE to close gaps & used other legislation/policy for transformation at required pace.

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